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Responsive Web Design

October 9, 2020

Responsive Design

You see "Responsive Design" on a lot of web design agency pages but, what exactly does it mean?

Responsive Design (RS) simply means that it improves the way your site looks on all types of devices. Whether you're viewing on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, the site will always look great and more importantly, keep the visitor longer.

The main goal is to reduce resizing or panning that would make the site difficult to navigate for users on smaller devices. Google statistics show us that more than 50% of the visitors on your site will be mobile users. It's a big deal if your site isn't mobile-friendly. Not to mention Google rates the mobile-friendliness of your site when they consider rankings so, it directly correlates with Search Engine Optimization.

Element Arthouse provides Responsive design to every site we build. Designing this way reduces a ton of work when it comes to updating the site for different devices. You do it once and, it looks great on all devices and much easier to keep current.
A few years ago, designers would build a one size fits all website that looked fantastic on your desktop or laptop but was barely legible on smaller devices. If you look around and start noticing, there are a lot of people with these sites still today. Bottom line is that they are losing potential customers. A typical person will exit a site after three seconds if the site doesn't look or operate properly. That is throwing the business away.

Call, text, or email us today if you're interested in getting your website tuned up or redesigned to for all devices.

Written by Dave Regal
Creative Director