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Why choose an agency

October 12, 2020

Why choose a web design agency when it's so easy to do it yourself?

Great question. With platforms like Wix, Shopify, and WordPress, it's pretty easy to get a website these days. If you have a little time to spend and some basic know-how, you can build a beautiful site yourself.
So why would anyone want to go to a design agency and pay agency prices?
Here's a list of a few good reasons.


Every business owner knows that their time needs to be focused on their customers and jobs. It is hard for a busy owner to stop what they are doing and focus on a website for a few weeks. Element Arthouse is here for you. We do it every day and we have a super quick turnaround to get your site live fast.


Things change fast these days. It's even hard for us to keep up with all the new technology and tools that make your online business flow smoothly. But this is our forte. We stay current on web design, photo and video editing, and digital marketing so you don't have to. There are so many tools that integrate into your website. Google Analytics, Live Chat, Mail Apps, and more. Were on top of it. Get the best without wasting time that you could focus on your customers. Btw, Analytics and basic SEO comes built into all our sites. It's just good design from our standpoint.


Say you are an eclectic restaurant, an artist, or the premier law firm in your city and you simply want to stand out from the rest. You don't want a template website that looks exactly like every one of your competitors. Element Arthouse can create custom visuals and animations to make your site pop. We can tell your story with visuals that will keep your audience in their seats. We will separate you from the norm.

Return on Investment (ROI)

What if a few changes could increase your overall business by 25-80%. We do that for a lot of companies. An analysis is always done to see where we can improve conversions. If a website costs $5-10k but you make an additional 100k this year. That's killer ROI!

Let a pro cover the bases the first time. Give us a call and let's talk about your business needs. Everyone gets a free 1-hour consultation that I guarantee will be worth your time. I will help you any way I can to see you succeed whether you do business with us or not. You will have more knowledge to move forward in the right direction. We both want it to be a good fit.

By Dave Regal
Creative Director